10 Foods Batman Does Not Eat

The City of Gotham needs a hero. A champion for order against chaos, who will put criminals behind bars, where they belong. But also, a hero who eats right. Thanks to the series Batman: The Brave and The Bold and denizens of the internet, we’ve learned what foods the Dark Knight has cut out of his day-to-day, so his utility belt still fits around his waist. However, not all Batmen have the same strict diet…



The Bat doth protest too much.



Lady and the Tramp will be disappointed to hear the news.



They’re not part of a nutritious Bat-fast.



See? It wasn’t a lie.



Then what does he eat while watching his own movies?



Or as they pronounce it in Gotham, “Mey-loan.”



Ever since the Joker invented that tomato cannon and killed Robin with it.



Alfred’s specialty is waffles.



But they’re a delicacy in Hyrule!



Such a picky eater.


However, Batman Does Eat Hot Dogs

When all the villains escape Arkham Asylum, you eat fast.


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