7 Unnecessary Versions of UNO

My childhood was full of video games, action figures, and cartoon shows made to promote tie-in action figures and video games. However, corn-ily enough, of all my childhood games, I enjoyed playing UNO with my family the most. Regular, plain ol’ UNO. *Kicks Tin Can, Hands In Pockets*

I own the Nintendo version of UNO, so I’m no stranger to variations on the classic UNO format, but some of the ones that have come out over the years make no sense to me. So let me deal you these 7 unnecessary versions of UNO, with images from the good people at Board Game Geek:


UNO H20 Splash

Finally, I can play UNO with my mermaid friends in the Kingdom of Aquadia!


Batman Begins UNO

Family game night or family game nightmares? Thanks, Scarecrow.



Grab a guitar, chug a can of Rockstar and do the Wild Card wail. “F” to the “Yeaaaaaaah!”


Shrek 2 UNO

Unnecessary sequel. Unnecessary UNO.


UNO Tippo

That ridiculous apparatus looks like it’ll never, ever break.


X-Games UNO

Because nothing captures the spirit of The X-Games better than a card game you play with your parents while sitting down.


UNO Roboto

Yeah, he’s cute, but first you start depending on robots to play UNO, then you depend on them to fight wars for you, and finally: machines enslave mankind. He won’t seem so cute then. No, he will not.


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