Miami Club Shuts Down After Bikini-Clad Woman Rides Horse Onto Dance Floor

Photo: wundervisuals (Getty)

Remember the time people went out to drink and the most bizarre sight they probably saw was some poor dude puking in a urinal? Well those days are gone, because now we’re hearing about horses inside of nightclubs.

That’s exactly what happened recently at the Mokai Lounge in South Beach, when a woman wearing a bikini decided to step onto the dance floor while riding a white horse. And of course things didn’t go well at all as the horse went nuts. Take a look at the video below.

After that footage spread, a petition was kicked off to have the club’s license taken away, a move that we are completely for. Hell, even the Miami Beach PD is involved in this case now.

And guess what? Not only has the club taken down its Yelp page, but the club is now closed upon further notice.

The good news here is that the horse is OK. The bad news here is that those club-goers are going to have to find another club to embarrass themselves at.

h/t Maxim

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