Guy Thinks T-Shirt He Got From Ex-Girlfriend Means ‘I Love You’ But He’s Extremely Mistaken

Photo: Jan-Otto (Getty)

The first mistake he committed was thinking that his ex-girlfriend was just giving him a free t-shirt in order to be nice, when in reality there was a more sinister plan behind it all.

Some poor dude had no problem wearing a t-shirt that his ex-girlfriend decided to give him as a gift — a t-shirt with the word “BHENCHOD.” written on it. And what does this mean? Well according to this dude’s ex it means, “I love you.”

Take a look at the shirt below thanks to this tweet.

That word does not mean, “I love you.” It’s actually Punjabi for “Sister F**ker.” That’s right, kids. And plenty of people out there speak Punjabi because they had no issue laughing at this poor lad. Take a look at some of the funniest responses below.

Thanks, Magic Baguette.

Fellas, for the love of everything that is holy, never think your ex is just being kind to you just because. If you do, you might end up like this dude.

h/t NY Post

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