And Here We Have A Dude Who Was Arrested For Hooking Up With A Horse

Photo: LOSHADENOK (Getty)

If you dive into the world of porn you will learn fairly quickly that people like some strange things. And that’s all fine and dandy. When it stops being all “fine and dandy” is when you discover that some folks are into hooking up with animals. And that’s the point that you close your laptop and call it a day. Well, an Arizona man named Christopherson Maynes did not call it a day — nope, not at all.

The 20-year-old man has been arrested for having, and get this, sex with a female horse. And not only was he busted while in the act with the horse on someone’s property, but they apparently have video evidence of it. Gross.

And Here We Have A Dude Who Was Arrested For Hooking Up With A Horse

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“Deputies were able to recover video evidence of the suspect,” Alfonso Zavala of the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office said.

When police responded to a call of animal cruelty, they soon discovered that it was all about a dude showing his love for horses. Someone keep this dude away from watching old episodes of Mister Ed.

Maynes was of course arrested and charged with indecent exposure and animal cruelty. And something tells me this dude will have a tough time getting a date once this story spreads.

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