Pissed Off Mailman Steals Kid’s Water Gun After Being Ambushed By A Bunch Of 5-Year-Olds

Welcome to the real world, kids.

I have no problem saying that the majority of kids are annoying. I also have no shame in admitting that I’m on the mailman’s side because no one wants to get squirted with a water gun while they are working, as you’re miserable enough as it is. But let us explain.

Five-year-old Cody Harvey and two of his friends thought it would be funny to squirt their water guns at two mailmen that had just drove up on their street. While one mailman laughed it off, the other mailman wasn’t too happy, so he decided to grab Harvey’s $17 water gun, toss it in the back of his van and drive away. Hard to feel bad for the kid if I’m being honest.

Photo: Facebook/SWNS

Photo: Facebook/SWNS

According to Harvey’s mother, Leanne, the mailman who took the water gun called her son a “fucking bastard,” before driving off. The water gun was later found in a trashcan by a village shop owner.

“When I watched the CCTV I was furious,” Leanne said. “The postman grabbed my little one’s arm and snatched the gun. Then my little boy must have said, “Squirt him,” or something, just messing around. He grabbed his arm and swore at him and called him a “fucking bastard” and then ripped the gun out of his hands.”

Check out the footage below. The mailman loses his marbles at about 50 seconds in the video.

“My little one was screaming and crying,” Leanne added. And my mum asked, ‘What’s the matter?’ She came out to see him and the postman spun off down the street. They were probably being cheeky but he is only a child at the end of the day. The man shouldn’t have responded like that. He is representing Royal Mail after all – he shouldn’t be doing stuff like that.”

And should a five-year-old be in the middle of the street by himself shooting a water gun at people doing their job? Probably not.

The postal service company said it is dealing with the matter internally and confirmed that the employee in question will no longer be delivering to Leanne’s street. They also sent Leanne a check to cover the expenses of a new water gun.

“We have apologized to the customer and will be sending her a cheque so she can buy her son a new toy,” Spokeswoman Sally Hopkins said. “We are now dealing with this internally and this postman will not be delivering to this address until further notice.”

In conclusion: don’t let your kid be an a-hole.

h/t Metro

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