Viral Video: Levi LaVallee Tears Through St. Paul On Snowmobile

Give it up to Red Bull for creating another insane viral video. Even bigger props to X Gamer Levi LaVallee for pulling off the ludicrous course on his snowmobile in ways we didn’t even know were possible.

The concept? Urban snowmobiling.

Red Bull unleashed Minnesota native and seven-time X Games gold medalist Levi LaVallee through the streets of St. Paul, ripping through landmarks (and over them) en route to possibly the craziest snowmobiling video we’ve ever seen.

Streets were closed down, LaVallee’s snowmobile modified, one cop gained an acting credit … the whole thing is rad. 

According to Red Bull, LaVallee said, “As a kid, you’re always looking at things like ‘Oh, I could probably jump that,’ when you’re driving through a city. To be able to actually go do that, it was like a fairy tale.”

Two moments that made LaVallee nervous? The bridge drop and the 80-foot hole next to the parking garage. “To jump over that, there’s really no room for error; if you don’t make it over that hole, that’s obviously life and death,” he said.

Also a fun-filled fact? LaVallee was the first snowmobiler to pull off the double-backflip.

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