Noel Gallagher Would Reform Oasis if Paul McCartney Wrote Their Comeback Single


Noel Gallagher, who fields approximately 136 questions regarding a potential Oasis reformation per day, has once again been asked whether or not he’ll ever reunite with brother Liam Gallagher, but this time his answer a little more interesting than the standard “maybe, maybe not.” 

Speaking to Yahoo Music, Noel was asked whether or not he’d seen McCartney’s statement regarding his thoughts on an Oasis reunion, with the Beatle saying: “It would be nice if they got together. My advice to them? Just get together and make some good music!”

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Noel, who has previously said that he would only bring back Oasis “for the money”, has now retracted his initial statement by saying that he’d also reform the band if McCartney were to write their comeback single. “Tell him if he writes our comeback single, it’s on”, Noel said. “Tell him to write an Oasis track and then we’ll talk. I’ll just put that out there.”


Unfortunately, McCartney has found himself particularly busy with a tour and production duties on several tracks for Kanye West’s upcoming album, meaning he might be a little too preoccupied to lend his songwriting talents to Noel and Liam.

Noel also criticised the British media and its persistent hounding of him when it comes to a potential Oasis reunion, saying: “It’s funny, in the sense that it really does sum up the British psyche, that when we were together the press couldn’t wait for it to fucking implode, and then when it did implode, they can’t wait for it to be back together again.

“I think from a fan’s point of view it’s flattering that people still want it, and then if I’m taking a real overview of it all, I think it’s sad that it’s needed. Because there are no other bands out there for anyone to focus their attention on every week.”

Noel Gallagher is currently touring his latest album with his High Flying Birds, Chasing Yesterday. Meanwhile Liam Gallagher will be present during the 90-minute comeback episode of ’90s show TFI Friday, alongside former Britpop rivals Blur.

Photo: Getty Images