Sky Ferreira Loves Heroin And Ecstasy, Resisting Arrest

You might know Sky Ferreira as the chick on Twitter who may or may not release an album one day, and in her defense, it's hard to finish an album when you get arrested for heroin and ecstasy. The Guardian reports:

Sky Ferreira and her boyfriend, DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith, were arrested for drug possession after allegedly being found carrying ecstasy and heroin. Police in Saugerties, New York state, slapped the couple with a litany of misdemeanour charges, including driving without a permit and possessing stolen property. According to Hudson Valley news site the Daily Freeman (via Pitchfork), police stopped their 1990 Ford pickup truck  after observing numerous traffic infractions early Saturday morning. A registration check allegedly uncovered that Smith was wanted on outstanding traffic warrants and that the truck's licence plates were stolen. The officers then found a bag containing "42 decks [small bags] of heroin" (reportedly about $400 worth), apparently owned by Smith, and a quantity of ecstasy, carried by Ferreira. She is also accused of resisting arrest.

A 1990 Ford pickup truck and heroin. Did they find artisan cheese and a bicycle with no gears in the back, or did they just find a information packet for a non-profit organization, because hipsters.