Gene Hackman Slapped A Homeless Guy

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Long story short, Gene Hackman is 82. A homeless guy called Gene Hackman’s wife a cunt. Gene Hackman proceeded to open slap the homeless guy. Homeless guy tried to press charges. Police laugh. E! Online reports:

The 82-year-old Oscar winner admitted to slapping a homeless man across the face this afternoon, saying the guy approached him and his wife, Betsy, in a menacing manner and called Betsy a derogatory name, Santa Fe, N.M., police confirm to E! News. Sgt. Andrea Dobyns told E! that the man on the receiving end of the slap called authorities at around 1:30 p.m. to report that he had been beaten up by Gene Hackman. The Unforgiven star told police that the man approached him and Betsy in a very aggressive manner, called his wife a nasty name (TMZ hears it was the C-word) and otherwise made them fear for their saftey. The man got into his face, according to Hackman, and he hit him, “more like a slap than a punch,” Dobyns said. Hackman seems to have recovered his strength since being hit by a car while riding his bike. The guy had no visible injuries and no one was arrested or cited for the altercation. “It looked like Mr. Hackman did this purely out of self-defense to protect himself and his wife,” said Dobyns

Gene Hackman is a crazy old man, because there was no need to slap this homeless man. He should have done the honorable thing and offered him a Happy Meal and $200 to hunt him on a private island. Based on movies that I’ve seen, that looks like it would be pretty fun.