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Corey Haim, 80’s child actor and star of such classics as The Lost Boys and, um…The Lost Boys, was found dead in his OakWOOD, California apartment this morning of an apparent drug overdose. Popeater reports:

Corey Haim, the former child actor who rose to fame in 1980s classics ‘The Lost Boys’ and ‘License to Drive,’ died Wednesday morning of an apparent overdose in Burbank, Calif., the LAPD has confirmed to several media outlets. The 38-year-old star rose to fame along with his on-screen friend Corey Feldman in 1980s classics such as ‘The Lost Boys’ and ‘License to Drive.’ Local news station KTLA is reporting that Haim was found in his Oakwood, Calif., apartment, and that his mother was at the home at the time that emergency responders arrived. TMZ is reporting that police were later called to the hospital to investigate.

His mother did make him move to the murder capital of the world with his grandpa, so it’s unsure at this time if it was drugs or vampires. Or vampire drug dealers. How will we ever solve this great mystery?!