Amy Winehouse Might Have Brain Damage

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Since she should doesn’t care if she lives or dies, Amy Winehouse should be really uninterested to hear that she might have brain damage as a result of her two overdoses. And she’ll be really, really uninterested to hear that doctors believe one more overdose will kill her. The Sun reports:

Shock details of Amy Winehouse’s drug use emerged last night – she binged on crystal meth and may have brain damage after a 36-HOUR pot marathon. The singer, 24, suffered two major overdoses, with such bad convulsions that they were “like a scene from The Exorcist”. And her body is so frail from drug use that doctors were scared she would break bones during a fit. A close pal of Amy’s laid bare the truth – warning medics said one more overdose will probably kill her. The friend revealed: Amy’s first overdose in August last year was from cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, ketamine and crystal meth. She was advised to see a psychiatrist after displaying “multiple personality traits” that made her a suicide risk. Her second overdose was in July – when she inhaled an “inhuman” amount of hash that left her vomiting uncontrollably and hallucinating. At the time devoted dad Mitch, 54, said it was a “bad reaction to her medication”. Medics are worried Amy’s brain was damaged by the cannabis overdose – she displayed symptoms normally associated with schizophrenia. The pal yesterday said: “The future is bleak, bleak, bleak. Mitch does everything he can to protect his daughter – but his ‘explanation’ for Amy’s hospital dash in July was just simply untrue. She had smoked an inhuman amount of hash which resulted in acute cannabis poisoning. You have to take a shitlload of pot to suffer that severe a reaction. It’s thought she had been smoking it for 36 hours.” Amy’s fits were as bad as the convulsions she had during her overdose in August last year. No one has mentioned her meth use before – but that stuff is truly nasty.”

God, why is she dragging this out? Can’t we just create a game show where she’s dropped in the woods and people get to track and hunt her for cash and prizes? That sounds like it would be fun. I mean, you have to admit, that’d be a lot more exciting than waiting on a seizure.

Bonus: Sadie Frost leaving Amy Winehouse’s after a night of partying, August 19:

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