Second-Rate Tropes: The Dreaded Clip Show

Photo: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

In researching the bevy of television series that have resorted to the dreaded clip show at one point or another, there are really two main things to take note of: A) it’s a dying (if not dead) format considering nearly all media is streamed at this point and, hence, the need for recaps on the off-chance you missed an episode are irrelevant, and B) there are ways to adapt it into something wholly original and fun if the true purpose is to entertain instead of just making a cheap episode of a long-running show. Therefore, in an effort to change pace and shake things up ourselves, we’ll be presenting both good and bad examples this time around. After all, for every ill-conceived, glorified “previously on…” episode, there is at least another that did it right (just probably not more than one, as the bad far outweighs the good in this instance).

Second-Rate Tropes (And First-Rate Alternatives!): The Dreaded Clip Show

Wow, that was refreshing. Perhaps we’ll take more of a “look on the bright side” approach in the tropes department once again sometime in the future. Sometime in the near future, perhaps…?

Until then, have a look back at the previous trope we didn’t exactly sing praises for: Second-Rate Tropes: The Musical Episode