Burger King Manager Goes Bonkers, Yells At Woman For Taking Too Long To Order

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty)

I think the first mistake the woman in this video did was agree to eat food from Burger King when there are so many food options out there that won’t bring you closer to death.

An Ohio woman named Lizzie Ramsey recently shared a video that has gone viral. In the video, Ramsey films a Burger King manager yelling and berating her simply because she took to long to order. Ramsey — along with her husband, Cody, his co-worker and his younger brothers, had gone through the drive-thru to order, but entered the fast food joint after the woman on the drive-thru came across as rude as impatient. Ramsey claims the woman told her to “hurry up” and order.

“We wanted to let the manager know how the lady on the microphone was acting,” Ramsey said to WSYX.

Well, Ramsey, who is pregnant, complained to the manager, who then completely loses her mind. Check out the exchange below, which Ramsey shared on her Facebook. But heads up, there’s NSFW language.

Oh boy, someone’s not too happy to be working at Burger King. It also seems like this isn’t the first time this manager has gone bonkers, as Cody reveals this: “When we uploaded the video, people saw it and said ‘we had the same experience with the same person at the same store.'”

So what did corporate do about this? They simply apologized and sent Ramsey a giftcard so she can buy more of their garbage food. No word yet if the manager has been fired or not.

h/t Daily Mail

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