A Soccer Player Lost A Testicle While Playing The Game

Photo: Image Source (Getty)

There’s no denying that soccer players are amongst the best athletes (and actors) on the planet, but there’s just something about the game that has zero appeal to me these days when it comes to both playing and watching it.

This story isn’t going to help the cause.

According to The Sun, a 22-year-old Bosnian soccer player lost one of his nuts during a game last month when an opposing player slipped and accidentally kicked him in his man parts.

A Soccer Player Lost A Testicle While Playing The Game

FC Zrinjski Mostar’s Bosnian footballer Marin Galic was left with just one testicle during a Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup tie between FC Sloga and FC Zrinjski last month. That’s right, kids. His team didn’t rally behind his unfortunate situation and meet him at the hospital with the game ball (pun intended) after winning the game for him. No sir. They fucking tied.

Local media outlets said that Galic’s surgery “went without problem,” which is an interesting way to put it since we consider losing one of your grapes during a game of soccer after a player accidentally kicks you in the nards to be a rather large problem.

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