Ariel Winter Had A Hilarious Response To People Bashing Her Tiny Shorts

Photo: Instagram/Ariel Winter

If you’ve followed us long enough you know that we love ourselves some Ariel Winter. And there’s something that Winter loves as much as we love her: wearing her super tiny shorts. And we’ve mentioned them before when we talked about Winter going shopping in what we think were shorts.

But since the 19-year-old actress has no problem wearing whatever the hell it is she wants to wear, plenty of people have chimed in and bashed her choice of outfits (not us of course). And the piece of clothing most in the spotlight are those tiny, tiny shorts.

And this is just one of the photos that finally got people buzzing enough to get Winter’s attention.

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And you won’t believe what Winter’s response to all these critics was. Check out which she tweeted below.

Ah, so it makes sense — her ass just eats up her shorts. Now we understand. And Twitter had their own responses to this tweet.

Creepy John gets it. And so do we.

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