Guy Runs Alongside Train After Finger Gets Stuck Between Doors

Photo: Facebook

While it seems like China has better technology than we do, sometimes that doesn’t seem like the case as the most bizarre malfunctions seem to happen out there. And yes, it’s usually on an escalator like the couple who was almost crushed to death in Eastern China, or like the escalator in Hong Kong that suddenly changed directions. But guess what? This time around it’s not an escalator, it’s a train.

Video captured the moment a guy got his finger stuck between the doors of a moving train. And the doors opened, right? Nope, the poor dude was just forced to run alongside the train as the train picked up speed.

Check out the video below thanks to Facebook.

You can tell by the video above that other passengers on the platform try to gesture to the driver to stop the train. Eventually the guy is able to pull his finger out of the door and thankfully not sustain any injuries. According to railway staff the man’s finger got stuck after he realized he boarded the wrong train and rushed to exit.

Pretty nuts that it’s 2017 and things like this still happen. Then again if they didn’t we wouldn’t have anything to write about. And everyone is fine so we can now laugh at this dude and be thankful it didn’t happen to us.

h/t NDTV

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