Timeless TV Shows With Scenes That Would Be Wildly Inappropriate Today

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We love TV, but we love noticing how our favorite TV shows were wildly inappropriate compared to today even more. When it comes to hit TV, the first ones you think of are likely the ones below, and now you’ll notice they’re walking on thin ice amongst the sensitive TV watchers of today. Have a good look at our favorite timeless TV shows with scenes that would be wildly inappropriate today.

Great TV Shows With Scenes Would Be Wildly Inappropriate Today

Power Rangers – Racism


Photo: FOX

If you recall, the ’90s kids show that is currently being rebooted on the big screen was always pretty dated in its cast, costumes and effects. And by dated in its cast, we mean there were some symmetrical ties in the colors chosen for the rangers: The black kid was the black ranger, the girl was the pink ranger, and the asian…yeah, she was yellow.

Entourage – Extreme Homophobia

Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) was notoriously known for being as homophobic as he was racist with his second assistant on the show, Lloyd. These two became one of the best parts of the show, which focused on the life of four douchebags trying to own L.A. Good luck, guys.

Friends – Fat-Shaming 

Looking back, Friends, however hilarious, got away with lots of things it probably shouldn’t have. We’re referring to Monica’s hilarious fat-shaming scenes, Chandler’s transgender dad (Kathleen Turner), Ross and Rachel’s male nanny, Joey’s homophobia and the cast’s overall homophobia. Also, there were not a lot of African-American folks passing through.

Seinfeld – Flag-Stomping

The final season for Jerry Seinfeld and the gang was monumental, including the episode that aired once and was removed from syndication for flag burning. Yes, we’re talking about you, “Puerto Rican Day Parade.”

Girls – Going Down…

Photo: Fox

We just really wanted to show this GIF, but Girls got a lot of flack for its overtly sexual sex scenes in which absolutely nothing was left to the imagination.

Sex & the City – Sexy Talk

These four white drunk girls freaking out over having sex with a black dude might have been groundbreaking in its time, but we’re pretty sure it’s not anymore.

Beverly Hills 90210 – Rich White People Problems

Photo: FOX

The ’90s were ripe with white-people drama and leading the way was Beverly Hill’s hottest teen drama series, one which has little to no black people cast. When they did cast one early in the college years, they pegged him as a dumb athlete and had him accused of cheating because he did well on a test.

Curb Your Enthusiasm –  Black People Stereotypes


Larry David was genius to bring a black family affected from Hurricane Katrina into his home around the time of his divorce. We just had no idea he would get an erection from the grandma, date the daughter (only to leave her during her cancer scare) and buddy up with Leon, the funniest man alive. It’s just…could they have made him more stereotypical?

The Simpsons – Simply Racial Profiling

Photo: FOX

Not only the lifelong cartoon series, The Simpsons, but also other Fox shows like The Cleveland Show draw their characters with common racial profiling. Notice the photo, folks.

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