The Best Cosplay from Comic-Con 2016

Comic-Con has come and gone, but the busy, buzzing geek holiday that encourages all attendees and onlookers to dress up as their favorite comics, TV, film or gaming characters did not disappoint. Per usual, watching other people go all out in costume is one of the primary appeals of attending. This year, like every other, the costumed attendees were out in force, showing off all types of amusing, sexy, funny, or just plain fun costumes, with the usual anti/heroes— Harley Quinn, Batman, Darth Vader, The Joker—aptly represented, along with more obscure and underrated icons and funny mash-ups (Deadpool Storm Trooper, anyone? Or how about Miss Piggy Wonder Woman?) Here, we trained our photojournalistic eye to discerning the best and the bravest. Enjoy!

The Best Cosplay from Comic-Con 2016:


VIDEO: Cosplayers at Comic-con 2016: