Paint Your Orgasm: A New Florida College Tradition

Photo: @grrrl_uninterrupted (Instagram)

Scene: the Pegasus Ballroom at the University of Central Florida’s student union. A series of tables are topped with elementary school science fair-style displays. Various clubs, from College Republicans and religious organizations to astronomy-lovers and student government, are raring to recruit members from the new student body. But one of these clubs is not like the other drab student organizations with their unremarkable club leaders. It’s called “Paint Your Orgasm.”

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You curiously approach the table and ask why people paint their orgasms. The young woman running the table tells you to flip through last year’s painted orgasms. Most of the paintings are just splashes of color, like an infant attempted to reproduce a Jackson Pollock painting. However, one painting stands out among the rest: it’s a sheep wearing a top hat. Why anyone would depict their orgasm like that is a mystery but it’s funny.

Clothed animals aside, painting orgasms has become a ritual at several universities including the University of Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University, and the University of Central Florida. However, different universities host the event for different reasons. The University of Florida does so to raise awareness about HIV. Florida Gulf Coast does theirs to promote gender equality. The University of Central Florida uses the event to promote NOW, a feminist organization.

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So while the idea of painting your orgasm may sound ridiculous, the tradition has promoted many worthwhile causes and surely amuses the painters in the process. While laughter is the most common response when people see the finished works, painted orgasms get students’ attention more effectively than lame flyers and tired pitches.

What would your painted orgasm look like?