The Best Cheap Eats on Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus

Photo: Tetra Images (Getty Images)

Any student that hustles in and out of Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus has likely grown bored of the menu items at its two cafeterias. Aside from the chicken sandwich served in the larger cafeteria, none of these items are worth writing home about, and are just as expensive, if not more so, as the alternative eatery options nearby. Break with tradition and try something different today.

Hate Mondays Tavern

Tucked within Miami’s urban sprawl of warehouse complexes, one-story oce buildings, and franchise fast food is Hate Mondays Tavern, southern Florida’s hidden food gem. You’ve probably passed by the establishment unawares as it blends in with the area’s many auto shops. But once inside, the tiny venue proves to be a fantastic find. Hate Mondays is heavy on the wood decor and covered with assorted memorabilia. The sta is always friendly yet laid back, helpful and efficient. And the food? Sensational. Ironically, Hate Mondays was built with love, and you’ll taste it upon first bite of their Pan con Bistec. Breakfast and lunch items are affordable; each averages around $6 and even on your hungriest day, you won’t be out more than $20. This place will finally make you say, “I can’t wait for Mondays!” 

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Hungry Bear Sub Shop

Just across the street from campus and adjacent to a hookah lounge and the type of small, shady businesses fit for a money laundering scheme is the Hungry Bear Sub Shop. This venue doesn’t care about ambiance; it just wants to make good subs quickly. You can get every type sub sandwich known to mankind, so you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll want to devour. Even better: the prices, which top out at a max of $8.30. The Chicken Caesar Sub is a solid bet, though there’s truly no “best sub” at Hungry Bear; everything is amazing. Be forewarned, however: you might run into one of your professors.

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College Park Inn

The College Park Inn is the definition of a cheap eats establishment, complete with inexpensive tables, food court-style signs, and employees mired in self-loathing. Just like the Hungry Bear Sub Shop, all you have to do is zip across 104th street to get here. College Park Inn has plenty of menu options, all of which can be ignored, except for their pizza. For only $5.95 you’ll be blessed with two large slices of New York style pizza and a can of soda. It’s overly greasy but oh so good.