Summer Reading List: Books for Guys Cover the Bases

Cars. Cigars. Whiskey. What else does a man need to read about in this world? Honestly, if we apply the need for artistic inspiration in the form of literature, there’s honestly a lot he should read. But, for the sake of this summer reading guide, we’re going to keep it to the sensual basics — though there’s a sensual element we’re leaving out, obviously. This is a PG-13 kind of news outlet.

With all of that in mind, we present three quick ideas for light summer reading that will entertain and educate any man interested in four wheels, rolled tobacco and the Water of Life.


Box of Cigar Bands: There was a time when cigar bands were art — collectible pieces that featured everything from heads of state to moments in history or mythology. This era reached its peak during the Victorian Age when there were more cigar manufacturers and smoking was much more en vogue. In short, it was a more civilized age.

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This aptly named Box of Cigar Bands is a book sealed away in a classic cigar box that contains more than 1,100 Victorian cigar bands from 1880 to 1910, The included bands come from around the world and are displayed as any cigar-savvy scrapbooker of the time would display his collection. Text explaining the collection accompanies the endlessly colorful pages.

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Jiggers and Drams: Whisky Journal: Essentially a diary for a whiskey lover, this notebook-sized tome combines pages of cocktail recipes and whiskey descriptions alongside ample blank pages for the owner to make his own notes and observations on the variety of Bourbons, Scotches, or Ryes he samples.

The purpose of the book is educate and refine one’s whiskey sensibilities while offering education on the origins and regions of various spirits. The whiskey lover gets as much out of it as he puts into it — or past his lips.

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Fiat 500: The Design Book: One of the world’s classic and most iconic “little cars,” the Fiat 500 has enjoyed two successful eras in the automotive world. It was a European staple from the late 1950s until the early 1970s when it went out of production, flourishing as zippy transport on narrow streets. The car then returned in 2007 with modern technology build into that same iconic shape.

This book documents the aesthetic history of the Fiat 500 and its popularity over the years. Released directly from the automaker, the images and recounting of the car’s past stays up to date up through the current larger versions like the Fiat 500L and 500X.