Legacy of Porsche 959 Honored in New Delius Klasing Book

Like all incarnations of German sport cars from Porsche, the 959 has its own cult of gearhead followers. A new book from automotive publisher Delius Klasing explores the history of the car and its worshippers.

In its history, the 959 won the Paris-Dakar rally and took Le Mans as the first all-wheel drive race car — all while becoming a popular road-going supercar amongst Porsche lovers. It was ahead of its time with all-wheel drive, a bi-turbo engine  and a top speed of 195 mph — a staggering number even now.

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The Porsche 959 book exploring the car is a three volume box set covering technical data, history and creation. The latter uses a large-format illustrated tome that shows the 959 in all of its trims and custom versions — complete with photos.

The idea behind the 959 in the early 1980s was to build a car that was race compliant on the traces or in rallies. Then, the car was adapted for road legal use by fortunate private owners.

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Only about 300 Porsche 959s were completed. When racing series evolved (or devolved, depending on your point of view), the 959 retired from racing. However, the car remains a prized collector’s item to this day.

Author Jürgen Lewandowski was involved in the development of the Porsche 959 more than 30 years ago. His contributions to this large-format book include details only an insider could include. Those insights don’t necessarily come cheap, but the books $149 price tag should hurt a true 959 loves too severely.