All About M.E. | Go the Extra Mile In These Running Shorts

(L) Tornado 7-Inch Lined Running shorts in Destroyer by Rhone, $78; (R) 5-Inch Distance Shorts in Anthracite by Nike, $50.

There’s a difference between running around in New York and running in New York. Manhattanites are constantly going from points A to B, but some actually use the island as a massive outdoor track. With over 6,000 miles of intertwining streets, the city is a runner’s dream. Take advantage of the largest course this summer while sporting the perfect running shorts.

When shopping for shorts, focus on the length, style, and material. The length depends on the wearer’s comfort level since inseams range from one to seven inches. The two most popular styles are v-notch (a sewn upside down “v” seam) and split leg (the front panel overlaps the back panel). Synthetic fibers will also provide stretch and help present moisture.

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Once a short checks all the boxes, take it for a test run. Start by jogging around the block, then around the neighborhood, and eventually around the borough. If there’s no chafing and no restriction, then it’s worth investing in premium brands. 

Brands like Hero Sport, Brooks, and 2XU will make running this summer a breeze.