2016 ‘So, You Blew It on Mother’s Day’ Gift Guide

You’ve had time to think about it. Now, what do you have to say for yourself? You had 365 days from one Mother’s Day to the next to figure out what you were going to give the woman who bore you into this world, and you promptly whizzed the opportunity down your leg.

I don’t know what you gave her last year, but the book on Zika symptoms did not go over well this past weekend. And, the chainsaw back in 2014 wasn’t overly inspired. We won’t even discuss how your friends had to talk you out of that Bernie Sanders Swimsuit Calendar idea.

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Fortunately, we’re on hand here to provide you with a glittering list of can’t miss gift items that should make amends for your maternal rewarding ineptitude. While you considered snagging the woman who fed, clothed and raised you that membership to the Neil Diamond Impersonators Fan Club, we picked out some of the hottest new products and forged a nice variety of options here.

We took into consideration different price levels and the many varied interests the angels who wiped our tears and bandaged our skinned knees might have to cover as many bases as possible. However, though we did mention “bases,” just forget about bidding on that signed Jaime Cocanower jersey you were considering for next year.