Hollywood Style Meets Artworld Eccentricity at Frieze New York

(L) Actor/artist Adrien Brody and (R) model Anja Rubik. Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images.

A live donkey, mimes, a professional pickpocket, a giant crying baby float and live snails — oh, it must be that the Frieze Art Fair is back on New York City’s Randall Island, launching earlier this week with its mile-long tent filled with art, celebs and high profile buyers, all intrigued by the 198 galleries serving up their best offerings in contemporary art. Subdued, often androgynous fashion fit the dreary cold spring weather while helping celebrity buyers avoid the cameras. Famous artists and Hollywood celebrities alike dressed in looks that ranged from “refined hipster” to “casual but sleek art advisor,” with fewer and fewer business suits than past years.

Many celebrity arrivals moved quickly through the art-packed aisles including Adrien Brody, Michael Stipe, Leonardo DiCaprio and Swizz Beatz, adding star power to the art market’s billion dollar event. Hollywood talent agency WME-IMG recently made a huge investment in Frieze, promoting three fairs per year and four art magazines. It left insiders asking if Frieze is looking to take over Hollywood, or the other way around, creating red carpet arrivals like the Tribeca Film Festival, also open to the public. This would be a major shift for the fair and make VIP tickets golden.

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Collector DiCaprio avoided the cameras, but could not be missed in one of his Kangol caps. Always dapper Swizz Beatz in bright red sneakers and chill sweat pants, while notorious artist Chuck Close rocked the house with his fancy leather shoes and all jean 80’s attire. Yvonne Force Villareal with Art Production Fund, always making top fashion lists, rocked some lace and leather while other ladies chose chic menswear fashion, oversized shirts, jackets and hats. Newly minted artist, actor Adrien Brody and singer/songwriter Michael Stipe paired up, walking the aisles together in sharp leather jackets and scarves, giving a casual and relaxed feel, ignoring the millions of dollars in sales ringing up in each booth.



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