e-TWOW USCOOTER Enters Competitive Electric Personal Scooter Market

The entire idea of electric, rechargeable, foldable, individual personal mobility scooters wasn’t on anyone mind just a few short years ago. Now, there’s a hotly contested marketplace for the vehicles wth multiple players competing for sales with strikingly similar vehicles.

The USCOOTERS Powered by e-TWOW enter that marketplace with their own version of self-powered kick scooter, looking for that ideal blend of  range, toughness, convenience and portability. With other two-wheeled, three-wheeled and (in a few cases) four-wheeled foldable vehicles rushing alongside e-TWOW’s efforts, the race is on to see which scooters survive.

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The theory behind an electric vehicle like the USCOOTER is urban commuters living and working within the same city or community will look to speed up their daily pedestrian activities by riding a self-powered scooter they can fold up and take with them by hand once at their home, office or other destination. Such vehicles are never toys for kids like kick scooters of old, and they’re not priced like novelty items. This e-TWOW versions retails for $1,000.

Such vehicles look to get people to work faster while removing cars from city traffic and passengers from choked trains and busses. The struggle for the market and the USCOOTER is mainly the limits on would-be buyers. We’re talking about a very specific consumer group of would-be adopters.

Since such a scooter is made for urban use, and considering self-powered vehicles moving around 20 mph are not options for kids or older adults, we’re looking at a potential customer base of young professionals living and working within cities. Considering that consumer group, the USCOOTER would successfully fulfill all of its necessary duties.

The USCOOTER will run about 21 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 18 mph. A regenerative brake on the front wheel brings the vehicle to a stop while recapturing some charge. A friction brake on the rear wheel helps slow the vehicle down for more urgent stops. The USCOOTER’s simple handlebar controls become familiar after only a few minutes of riding.

Riders can adjust the height of the handlebars, and the overall frame folds and unfolds quickly for transport and storage. Small shock absorbers on both wheels look to smooth out rides over sidewalks and streets.

The ride is stable, but rough under most conditions. Future generations of the USCOOTER could stand a heartier shock absorber design. Also, the build quality could limit the size of the rider. A fit man of 230 pounds or more might overtax the vehicle and wear it out faster than a smaller man.

Those critiques aside, the USCOOTER charges effectively and quickly before managing each day’s urban journey. It’s a promising entry in the foldable electric scooter market and ready to compete for the green commuter’s dollar.


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