All About M.E. | Chronograph Watches

Photo: LdF (Getty Images).

New York is a battlefield filled with unwanted spills and splatters that can ruin the perfect outfit. With drinks sloshing, puddles splashing and rain sprinkling, water can be a timepiece’s worst enemy. Prepare for war with one of many waterproof chronograph watches.

In 1816, Louis Moinet invented the chronograph to measure the stars and planets. It measured up to a sixtieth of a second along with seconds, minutes, and hours. Five years later, Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec’s chronograph was first to be sold publicly, but the first automatic version was created in the 1960s.

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Everyone from aviators to sailors has used this “Time Writer,” (the literal translation for chronograph). With its precise timing and waterproof capabilities, men can be both stylish and timely. Classic stainless steel models offer a distinct design that will forever be on trend.

Brands like Timex, Luminox, and Shinola Detroit will keep a man on time this spring whether he’s at the beach or just trying to buy a drink.


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