Star Wars Bluetooth Speakers Lets You Force a Stormtrooper to Sing You a Song

A new pair of Star Wars Bluetooth speakers look set to be one of few pieces of merchandise that aren’t overpriced tat, with creators AC Worldwide manufacturing devices that don’t rely on their brand name alone, as these awesome speakers also boast surprisingly impressive audio quality.

Playing music from out of the decapitated head of C-3PO or a Stormtrooper is something you probably never considered doing prior to feasting your eyes upon these speakers, but ACWorldwide have managed to create two majorly alluring pieces of memorabilia, which proved to be such an attractive prospect that their Kickstarter campaign for the devices was closed after its goal was achieved by way of external, independent funding.

With Disney and Lucasfilm’s blessing, not to mention both companies inserting themselves into the developmental process of the speakers in order to make sure that their iconic characters were faithfully represented by AC Worldwide, the company has now produced two worthy additions to any Star Wars fan’s collection. With each device packing a 32mm, 3W speaker supplemented by a 102mm, 10W ported Subwoofer, both C-3PO and the Stormtrooper are capable of producing some powerful noise, and when purchased as a bundle they produce an excellent stereo sound experience. When paired both speakers’ “eyes” will glow, creating a cool effect as you force the two iconic sci-fi characters to “duet” Taylor Swift. Hey, we’re not judging your music taste, here.


That’s not the only neat little feature AC Worldwide has implemented in these speakers, though. Turning them on and a short audio sample from the Star Wars movie score will play, while C-3PO will also bellow “This is madness!” if you allow the battery life to dip to 30%. Speaking of which, each speaker boasts a battery life of around 3 hours on a full charge, though they can also be connected to a mains and simultaneously charge other devices via its USB port on its rear.

The speakers are shipped from the UK, with pricing set at £129 for one speaker and £250 for both until April 17th. After this date, the price of the individuals speakers will increase to £149. International shipping is available, though costs will be calculated upon checkout and will depend upon your location. You can purchase the speakers right here.

Image Credit: ACWorldwide