H&M To Launch Online In Canada

H&M, Hennes and Mauritz Inc., one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, recently announced that it will launch online shopping for its Canadian customers in 2016. 

“We are thrilled to be launching online shopping in Canada in 2016. Our fans and followers have been eagerly waiting for this next step in our expansion,” said Toni Galli, President of H&M Canada, in an official press release. “We are proud to be able to continue our growth in Canada through this new online shopping experience”, she adds.

The online store will offer the whole range of fashion basics and the latest trends keeping with H&M’s business concept of fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way.

H&M has always prided itself on being a sustainable company. They do not own factories but instead buy products from independent suppliers that are close long-term partners of H&M. They “work to bring about long-term improvement for people and the environment – in the supply chain, the garment lifecycle and the communities in which we are active.”


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