All About M.E. | Rain Boots

Original Short Rain Boots in Black by Hunter, $145.

Commuting to work is already frustrating, what with clogged highways and crowded subways, but spring’s inevitable surprises can make it even worse. In unexpected rain, your umbrella only protects your top half, while your pants and shoes get soaked. Save your oxfords this spring by investing in a pair of rain boots.

Unlike Forrest Gump, no one likes trudging through murky water. Instead, find an above ankle rain boot that can protect your pants. Tucking in trousers into a pair of boots will keep them dry as rain splashes off your umbrella.

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Once you find the perfect height, the next step is to find boots that are lightweight. Rubber and leather boots without insulation are perfect for spring and summer. Not only will your feet sweat less, it will also be easier to change once you hit dry land.

Brands like Tretorn, Hunter, and Wolverine will keep you looking dapper while saving your morning commute.