Creative Collabs | Don Pendleton x Volcom

While it is the art and design that you would recognize, Don Pendleton‘s name is truly synonymous with skateboarding. Pendleton grew up vying to become a pro skateboarder, but it’s a dream that not many get to achieve, whether it be due to their talent, connections, exposure or tenacity left in their knees. The pro skateboarder reality wasn’t one that Pendleton got to live, but you could almost argue he got the next best thing.

For Pendleton, art was always a consistent practice, first under the influence of his dad’s creative drive, and then later as he sought an education and career in the field. Somewhere between the pipe dream of pro skating and paying rent, he landed a job. It just happened to be for Alien Workshop. During his tenure at the iconic skateboard manufacturer, Pendleton designed over 500 board graphics.

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Fast forward to present and Don Pendleton is an acclaimed graphic designer, highly sought after artist, and a Grammy winner. (Little did we know, album artwork wins Grammys. And Pendleton took one home for his 2014 design work for a little band called Pearl Jam.)

The Don Pendleton x Volcom line is available now and, like all good creative collabs, only for a limited time. Pick it up right here.

All photos courtesy of Volcom.


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