Creative Collabs | Vans x Yusuke

When checking out the new collaboration between Vans and Japanese artist, Yusuke Hanai, the line will no doubt have a familiar vibe, even if, to your knowledge, you don’t know who Yusuke is. While you may not know him by name, you very likely have seen his handy work, whether featured in product collaborations, murals painted all over the world, or illustration work for global brands. Yusuke is a prolific artist who captures life, and sometimes death, in a truly fascinating and beautiful way. 

This time, Yusuke has partnered with the brand that is on everyones’ minds and Twitter feeds right now: Vans. #DamnDaniel. (Which, by the way, did you hear Daniel was hooked up with a lifetime supply of Vans? We wonder if he gets the limited editions, or only the white ones.) 

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The Vans x Yusuke collection was made with a retro vibe using ultra modern materials and a unique color story that is making us realize we really need to pick up some pieces here. Whether it be the good ‘ol Authentics which got reinvented with a comical Hawaiian pattern, or boardshorts with a nod to the 70s, we bet these items find a special place in your closet. 

All images courtesy of Vans.