Creative Collabs | Danner x New Balance

The new collaboration between sneaker favorite New Balance and trusted workboot company Danner is a fine example of finding that balance between form and function, between sleek activewear and rugged outdoorsmanship. The brands have partnered to release two very distinct shoes, but both have inherited plenty it’s parent companies’ genes.

Clearly leaning to the New Balance aesthetic, the M585DR are built with Horween leather and durable nylon. So while they may share some resemblance to the New Balances you rock at the gym, these are built to take you on outdoor adventures. On the other side of the fence we have the Danner Light Pioneer, far more resembling the Danner family of boots. The footwear, meant for rugged terrain and long days spent outside in rain, sleet or snow is waterproof and features breathable Gore-Tex liners.

Both shoes were made in small batches, and like all good limited edition collaborations, they’re only here until they sell out. Find them online at Danner and at select retailers across the nation.

All images courtesy of Danner. 


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