Spotlight | Saturdays Surf NYC Spring 2016

With a name like Saturdays Surf NYC, you might be predisposed to expect a line of tees and boardshorts, but names can be deceiving. This brand is both a super stylish menswear line and brick & mortar store in (none other than) New York City. The label is all about functional clothes that look good.

Digging into the Spring 2016 offering, what you will quickly find are high-quality products that are super easy to wear. Try a slightly over-sized draping crewneck (perfect to do the celebrity tuck, i.e. just one edge tucked in near one front belt loop) and 100% cotton staples. But where things get fascinating is with the Saturdays Surf NYC signature items that are unexpectedly tailored, like these Panos Pants, or the Malmo Long Coat. The magic is in how Saturdays Surf NYC designs and styles their man to be the perfect combination of laid back and cool. Reinvent your workweek look, or take your weekend wear to a whole other (classy, refined) level.

All images courtesy of Saturdays NYC.



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