All About M.E. | Puffer Jackets

(L-R) Seamless Down hooded Jacket in Red by UNIQLO, $49.90; Packable Puffer Jacket in Midnight by Kenneth Cole, $39.99.

Whenever a snowstorm is predicted, people stock up on necessities. Cabinets overflow with alcohol and snacks, movies and blankets cover tables and chairs, and closets are stuffed with sweaters and coats.

The most important thing to have is a warm, waterproof jacket. After shoveling for hours or walking in the snow, a person does not want to be cold and miserable. Opt for puffer jackets that can literally save your life.

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The puffer jacket’s origin story begins in 1935, when Eddie Bauer faced the problem of an ill-suited winter coat. Nearly dying from hypothermia, he invented a jacket that was lightweight, waterproof, and extremely warm. Bauer’s Skyliner jacket featured a diamond pattern that was insulated with goose down. It was light and breathable, ideal for winter elements.

What started as something essential for outdoorsmen, turned into an iconic staple piece. In addition to Eddie Bauer, brands like Canada Goose, The North Face, and Ralph Lauren offer numerous patterns and colors.