PSA: Here’s A Reminder Of All The Laws That Don’t Apply To Barangaroo

The lockout laws have been a major talking point this week thanks to Mike Baird’s pro-lockout laws Facebook post and Alison Wonderland, The Preatures and Flight Facilities‘ responses, but this video from two years ago expertly sums up the major problem with the lockout laws.

The only places in the CBD exempt from the 1.30am lockout and 3am last drinks laws are Star City Casino and the under construction Crown Casino due to open at Barangaroo. 

A Rational Fear is a collection of comedians who make satirical pieces based on the news and back in 2014 they responded to the lockout laws with an excellent video pointing out all the laws in the state that apply to everyone else apart from the casinos.

The video featured triple j‘s Lewis Hobba who cleverly mocks the lockout laws, smoking laws and environmental concerns. 

“There’s no way they would ever loosen the law for anybody in the designated zone,” Hobba says about the government’s strict lockout enforcement.

“Luckily for the Packers, Crown Casino falls far outside the exclusion zone for the proposed laws. How far outside? About six steps.” 

He also points out that the government has suspended indoor anti-smoking laws for the Crown Casino’s VIP area. Interestingly the only other place in NSW that allows this is Star City Casino.

The Crown Casino is due to open in 2020 and while the lockout laws are currently under review by the Baird government, it seems unlikely that the government will place the same laws on the cash cow casinos. 


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