Friendlyjordies Just Decimated The Lockout Laws In Their Latest Video

As debate continues to rage over Sydney’s lockout laws, everyone’s favourite vitriolic online political commentators Friendlyjordies have weighed in on the issue, delivering one holy hell of a takedown on pretty much everyone.

When I say everyone I mean everyone, with the people of Sydney not escaping the scorn-fest for their political apathy on any issues other than the lockout laws. And while the video does open with a lengthy list of some of the even more horrible policies Premier #CasinoMike Baird has supported – supporting coal seam gas mining, pushing to privatise disability pensions –  the lockouts get their showing as well.

Picking apart Baird’s statements about the laws being guided by our “moral obligation we have to protect innocent people from drunken violence” and his cherry picked statistics, you have to watch it for yourself to appreciate it.

So with no further ado bask in all its turbulent glory here below.



The Sydney Lock-Out Laws

The Sydney Lock-Out Laws

Posted by Friendlyjordies on Sunday, February 21, 2016


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