Style Essentials | Plain White Tees

Little may you know,  plain white tees come in a wide variety of fabric blends, colors and styles. While at first glance they may look nearly identical, no two are by any means the same. Ranging from super affordable to borderline expensive, your new favorite white tee is ready for the picking.

The collection of shirts featured here all have staunch similarities: they’re colorless, they’re short-sleeved and they’re predominantly cotton. While countless brands on the scene will try their hand at a staple undershirt, only a handful integrate unexpected details and material combos to make them super soft and sought after.

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The reality is that while you may exclusively rock these shirts underneath your favorite flannel or crewneck, a plain white tee paired with jeans and a jacket, will forever be a timeless, cool and classic look. We recommend wearing them regularly.


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