Under Armour’s Stylish New Smart Shoe


When you hear the name Under Armour, you automatically think fitness, right? Well, if you’re still being diligent on the 5th anniversary of your new year’s resolution to get in shape, UA has a “smart shoe” that just might interest you. Wearable technology is on the rise and UA has stepped firmly in the game as a stylish contender.

They’re calling it “Connected Fitness” and the UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record Equipped (now that’s a mouthful) is the inaugural “smart shoe”. And just what does a smart shoe do, you might ask? According the reports from UA, the shoe accumulates and stores data from your workout which includes the time, date, duration and distance. Apparently the shoe can do all of this without hindering your run with a tracking device. Right in line with other fashionable kicks that maybe aren’t quite as smart, the UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 retails for $150 and will be available on the Under Armour website on February 29th. 

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This shoe is geared toward serious runners but don’t forget the style aspects. With it’s own step and stride tracking chip embedded inside the shoe you might expect the creators to scale back a bit on the actual design but no so! Available in a steel grey with red piped laces, they may be just the look you need to increase your speed on the track or trail. 

Who would have ever thought that one day as you were discussing the results of your morning run and someone asked how you compiled that information, your response would be, “there’s a app for that”? That time has come. The UA Record app once connected via Bluetooth (shows up as a Standard Bluetooth Footpod) with the shoes will record not only your work out distance and duration but also the lifetime steps you’ve taken wearing them. So, toss your fitness band aside because this shoe provides a more accurate reading of data than those collected from wearing wrist-bound options like Fitbit and they’re pretty stylish too.