Maker’s Mark Invites Bourbon Lovers to ‘Give Cozy, Get Cozy’

Countless folks in big cities east of the Mississippi during this holiday season will catch sight of a Maker’s Mark Bourbon truck meandering the streets and sporting the slogan, “Give cozy. Get Cozy.”

Those folks might rush up to said truck, perhaps hoping for a free snort of fine Kentucky whiskey. If so, they need to get a grip and bring a coat.

The Maker’s Mark Holiday Truck Tour is not about whiskey samples, but instead it’s calling for the donation of warm, new or gently worn winter coats for the One Warm Coat Organization – a charity looking to get those coats to people in desperate need.

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The Maker’s Mark truck is making its way from Chicago to New York, Baltimore to Louisville on a multi-city run to collect as many quality coats as its crew can grab.

Anyone donating a coat will get a free seasonal beverage. No, not Maker’s Mark, We can’t have trucks cruising the streets of major American metropolitan areas just handing out whiskey willy-nilly — even during the holidays. Instead, when you hand over a jacket, you’ll get a piping hot cup of hot chocolate to get you in the yuletide mood.

What you put in that hot chocolate is entirely your business.