All About M.E. | Quilted Jackets

Quilted Jacket in Litchfield Olive by Ralph Lauren, $345; Herringbone Yoke Quilted Jacket in Navy by Vince Camuto, $198.

Unlike summer’s sizzling heat, the frosty winter days allow people to showcase their street style with plush sweaters, fitted jackets, and knitted accessories. Try layering your favorite looks with a classic quilted jacket.

The quilted jacket, also known as the Husky, was created for outdoorsy people that needed to stay warm and stylish. Invented in 1965, Steve Guylas and his wife Edna developed a waterproof polyester jacket that could endure the cold.

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Its popularity skyrocketed when the Queen of England wore it hunting with a trimmed brown corduroy collar. Over the course of decades, the jacket’s traditional navy and blue colors multiplied into an infinite amount of options.

Light weight and durable, quilted jackets can be layered under your favorite blazer, denim jacket, or trench coat, making them wearable into the winter months. Brands like Ralph Lauren, A.P.C., and Burberry have perfected this iconic staple piece.


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