Sam Pepper Finally Creates the Most Loathsome Prank Video on the Internet

Human toilet Sam Pepper has re-emerged with a new video that has finally seen him become the most loathsome individual on YouTube, a title he appears to have been working hard on obtaining over the past few years.

We recently discussed Pepper in an article regarding the YouTube “pranksters” who are making a living by being awful people, with him having already came under fire for a video in which he sexually harassed women in the street (he later claimed that this video was intended to raise awareness for domestic abuse, somehow), before deciding to atone for his history of flagrantly misogynistic videos by going ahead and exploiting the homeless instead. Now he’s back, emerging from out of the depths of the Internet like the YouTuber from the Black Lagoon, with his latest video titled ‘KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK.’ And yes, it’s as hateful as you’d imagine.

The “prank” sees Pepper enlist the help of fellow YouTubers Sam and Colby, who run their own popular channel, with the pair being “kidnapped” and thrown into a trunk of a car by Pepper, who is disguised by a ski mask. Pepper takes the pair to a rooftop, strapping them to two chairs, before “shooting” Colby (who is in on the stunt) in the head, seemingly killing him outright while Sam is forced to watch.

Sam, who is sobbing throughout the entirety of this encounter, is then untied by Colby, who repeats YouTube’s unofficial motto of “It was a prank! It was a prank, man! It was a prank!”

The video has attracted a barrage of criticism since appearing online, with Pepper being the number one trending topic on Twitter in the UK last night, and prank victim Sam feeling as though he had to defend the actions of his two deplorable buddies, writing: “If anything this made Colby and I’s friendship much stronger because it showed me how much we actually care for one another… either way I hope you can see the message behind this video. I love you bro. Now we can really say that.” The message Sam is referencing is that you only realize how much you care for someone after a nasally sociopath with a YouTube account ties you both up and pretends to shoot one of you in the head for Google ad revenue. It’s a pretty specific message.

At this point you’d have to wonder what Sam Pepper has to do for YouTube to shut his channel down. While YouTube will gladly remove channels that are deemed to have infringed on the copyright of other companies, they seem to be a little more reluctant when it comes to punishing the videos he’s uploaded of him engaging in sexual harassment on the street, along with various accounts of him sexually harassing his fans, and now this, the most downright awful example of how far prankster YouTubers will go in their pursuit of further notoriety and ad clicks. YouTube’s stance on this appears to be that if Sony thinks you’ve used a song in your video that they own the copyright to, they’ll come down on you with their hammer of judgement, but if you film yourself groping unwitting women in the street then that’s fair game and you’re allowed to continue with your online career unimpeded.

Sam Pepper has over 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube. He has over 1 million followers on Twitter. YouTube are openly allowing this guy to continue to represent their site with nary a slap on the wrist for his vile conduct. No matter how much YouTube likes to distance itself from its content creators, they and their parent company Google are Sam Pepper’s employers, and as such they are allowing one of their employees to make a lucrative living by being an awful person. This is made worse when you consider that this “prank” video doesn’t even come with a content warning, meaning that children can watch this video without having to verify their age.

Sam Pepper’s shtick is that he makes up for his lack of any perceivable talent by way of being shocking, but without him possessing the intelligence necessary for him to understand how to navigate the line between shock and offence, his channel will continue to pump out this kind of content until one day he will produce a video that will be even more abhorrent than him groping women/pretending to murder someone in front of their best friend. In normal circumstances I’d believe that it wouldn’t be possible for someone to create such a video, but Sam Pepper is that much of a terrible human being that it’s really only a matter of time.