YES | To Paris, With Love: Featuring Mila

What the Fuck?!? Whichever group of lunatic assholes were behind this, there’s one thing for sure; There are extremists and psychopaths in every walk of life, but when mixed with religion the results are toxic and in direct conflict with the idea that God is all about love. I’m an atheist, so to me the whole concept of a God is ridiculous, but that’s just MY belief.

The idea that our time here on earth is some kind of an insignificant pit stop on the way to a better place is fucking insane. This pit stop idea, which is cultivated by religion, is obviously dangerous to humanity. To dismiss what one has as being insignificant – be it your home, your partner, your health, your clothes – breeds a lack of appreciation, which leads to the disregard and deterioration of these gifts.

So for argument’s sake, just imagine that this is all we get: we’re born, we live, we die, and this is the ride. Wouldn’t this way of thinking bring greater appreciation for our current home here in the solar system, and produce far more peace than the idea that there’s some narcissistic creator who wants the rules in “His book” followed, which is then interpreted by human narcissistic extremists who take it into their own hands to pass judgment?

Choose your own God, but with that, choose understanding, choose compassion, choose life… the life that exists now.

For this story, I wanted to show something open, beautiful and free. So here’s Mila, an incredible person who is always very sweet and accepting toward others, looking spectacular in our gorgeous city of New York.

My thoughts and sympathy go out to all the families around the world affected during this time.

We love you Paris.

Peace xoxo











Mila de Wit photographed by Michael Hoerner.


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