Creative Collabs | Black Bear Brand x Greenwich Vintage Co. Boots

Red Wing boots are known for their burgundy, weather-withstanding, look-better-with-age quality. But those traditional Red Wings have gotten a serious style upgrade when these two brands set out to re-envision this incredibly popular boot. 

The Red Wing #875 gets completely deconstructed and reconstructed when Black Bear Brand teams up with the Greenwich Vintage Co. Mainly hand constructed – how else would you do this – the leather gets dyed a perfectly consistent solid black. But the change doesn’t end there. The inside receives a new groundwork for those tired feed, and an impressive sole. Finally, black chrome eyelets. 
This type of work must be reserved for serious cobblers. Greenwich Vintage Co. is known for re-crafting and re-purposing (really) good looking men’s shoes. When they take on a rugged boot, the results are only what we’d expect from the experts. 
The collaboration hits Black Bear Union on November 20th. 
All photos courtesy of Black Bear Union.


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