#OptOutside With REI

As you’ve heard by now – on the street, mountainside, hiking trail or camp site – REI is closing on Black Friday. It’s a pretty monumental move in an incredibly competitive retail marketplace, where the day after Thanksgiving is filled with anticipation to… wait in line. Granted shoppers are seeking that better-than-ever deal, and we’re sure that there is some level of tradition sprinkled in with the craziness of staying up all night to go buy stuff.

But REI has different plans for getting rid of that post holiday hangover: #OptOutside. Now you might think, isn’t REI leaving a lot of money on the table closing on the biggest shopping day of the year? And the reality is, Yes, they are. But the behemoth outdoor equipment brand perhaps believes that standing by their vision means more than just dollar signs on November 27th. And we bet that resonates with people.

The reality is this: you can buy stuff on Black Friday you can buy any other day of the year, and at any hour (good morning to you, eCommerce site.) And the holidays bear, in general, tons of great deals. We give REI a lot of credit for making this bold move, and to show it, we might just drive down to the shopping center and pick up some goods.

Here are some of the best products you can buy at REI right now. Tear off the tags, put on the warm socks, grab the camera, and your friend, parent, kid, or grandma, and #optoutside. Nature is calling.

All Photos: REI