The Ulo is an Owl Security Camera That Looks Cute While Protecting Your Home

The Ulo wants to be your adorable protector, ensuring the safety of your family and worldly possessions with its wide-eyed gaze.

The unique security camera, which is currently seeking funding using Kickstarter, detects movement in the user’s home and can then send it them via email in the form of an animated GIF. Aside from this highly useful function, it also seeks to be “redefine the way you interact with objects,” according to creator Vivien Muller, which basically means that it’s so cute that you’ll probably want to hold a conversation with it as though its actually your pet, and not a device that has been built to ensure that no one sneaks away with your TV.

The Ulo has been designed to resemble an owl, with it featuring two animated LCD “eyes” that serve to convey emotion. For instance, when the Ulo is running on less than 10% battery, it’ll begin to look a little sleepy.


It can also be paired with a mobile device in order to change the colors of its eyes, along with setting up recordings. While it can be connected to Wi-Fi, it can also be placed on “alert mode,” which will cause it to focus upon detecting movement in its line of sight, with it then recording this movement and sending the footage to its owner.



The Ulo is intended to inject some personality into an otherwise ordinary device, and with its selection of random and contextual animations, it’ll likely do just that. It’s Kickstarter campaign still has over four weeks to go, with it currently attracting €41,062 of its €199,000 goal. Those who wish to contribute to the campaign can get an “early bird” special discount on the device for €99.

Check it out in the video below:


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