The Best Cheap Liquors That Taste Great For Those On A Budget

For those on a budget, buying top-shelf liquor is just not in the cards. If you are fresh out of college, working a job that pays less than your educate should command, you need to find a way to drink the best cheap liquors without looking like it.

You certainly don’t want to grab the ten dollar plastic handle of well vodka or whiskey and then drink it on the rocks. To get past the rubbing alcohol taste, you’ll need to mix it with the most cloyingly sweet mixer possible. You deserve a luxury spirit without having to pay the high prices. Luckily, there are bargains to be found if you keep your eyes open.

Best Cheap Whiskey – Wild Turkey 101 ($25)

Wild Turkey 101

Jimmy Russell is the longest tenured Master Distiller in America. He’s been crafting Wild Turkey in Loretto, Kentucky for over sixty years. One of their most popular offerings, Wild Turkey 101 has won over a dozen awards including a Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Also a great whiskey for rye fans as the content for the grain is higher than in normal bourbons before aging in American White Oak casks.

Other Steals: Old Grand-Dad ($20), Maker’s Mark ($25), Buffalo Trace ($25) or George Dickel ($25).

Best Cheap Rum – Mount Gay Black Barrel ($29.99)

Mount Gay

In celebration of the 310th anniversary of Mount Gay Rum in 2014, they introduced Mount Gay Black Barrel. This small batch, hand-made rum is finished in charred, bourbon casks before it’s bottled and available for you to sip neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktails. Master Blender Allen Smith’s rum is made from a mixture of double pot still distillates as well as aged column distillates and is spicy, rich and smooth.

Other Steals: Gosling’s Black Seal ($20), Ron Abuelo 7 ($20), Bull Run Pacific ($30) and Appleton Special Gold ($17).

Best Cheap Tequila – 1800 Tequila x EA7 Series ($30)

1800 Tequilla EA7 Collection

1800 Tequila’s Essential Artists series has reached its seventh year and famed artist Keith Haring was selected to create the original designs that will adorn the limited edition bottles. If you already enjoy 1800 Tequila, you should probably grab one of these fancy bottles to display and impress your friends.

Other Steals: Espolon ($25), Milagro ($23), Hornitos Black Barrel ($29.99) and Tequila Cabeza ($30).

Best Cheap Vodka – Hangar 1 Vodka ($35)


Crafted one batch at a time, Hangar 1 Vodka marries traditional European eau de vie techniques with Midwestern grains and ripe California Wine gripes, the product is then bottled in Alameda, San Francisco. The result is a very smooth, crisp vodka with a softening hint of fruit essence.

Other Steals: Reyka ($24), Tito’s ($20), Prairie Organic ($20) and Russian Standard ($20).

Best Cheap Gin – Boodles ($23.99)


Do you enjoy drinking Gin on the rocks or in a cocktail? When you walk down the gin aisle at your local liquor store, you’ll be confronted with twenty different varieties. How can you possibly pick the right one for you? If you like your gin dry with floral notes in every sip, this versatile Boodles Gin is perfect for you. It’s delicious on its own or in your favorite cocktails.

Other Steals: Tanqueray No. 10 ($30), Citadelle ($25), Bombay Sapphire ($25), Broker’s ($20) and Plymouth ($30).