New York Comic Con 2015 | Frank Miller Returns To Sin City

Frank Miller is a writer and artist who is best known for revitalizing Marvel’s Daredevil and for two of the most influential Batman stories ever: Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns. Earlier this year, DC Comics revealed that Miller would revisit his Dark Knight version of a much older Batman/Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. But that won’t be the only classic title on Miller’s hit list.

During a press event at New York Comic Con for The Dark Knight III (via Comic Book Resources), Miller revealed that he is working on a new Sin City story, which would be his first Sin City tale in 15 years. Miller described the new Sin City as a love story set against World War II.

Sin City was a creator owned comic that Miller wrote and drew for Dark Horse Comics beginning in 1991. It was a gritty crime anthology with recurring characters and non-linear storytelling. In 2005, Miller co-directed a Sin City feature film with Robert Rodriguez which was a box office hit that briefly reignited Miller’s career as a screenwriter and a director in Hollywood. Miller’s subsequent film, The Spirit infamously bombed, and the Sin City sequel film, A Dame To Kill For was also considered a box office disappointment.

Still, the Sin City comic is considered to be a classic, and one of Miller’s most seminal works. If the new Sin City story happens, Dark Horse will likely be the publisher. But at press time, Dark Horse has not confirmed Miller’s comments.

The Dark Knight III will be released this fall by DC Comics.


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