Shorn Identity | Interview: Mitch Stone

Celebrity hair stylist Mitch Stone has worked with pretty much every celebrity you can think of and, as a born-and-raised Malibu kid, he’s got that whole surf vibe mixed with Hollywood glam thing that keeps his look fresh and young.  

Crave: How did you get your start as a celebrity hair stylist?

Mitch Stone: I slept with one, duh! 😉 No, I was working at a Sebastian salon and got a few celebrity clients through referrals. There were two brothers doing a film, and they told the director they wanted me. It turned out to be a huge director and he liked my work, as did the producer, who’s next project was Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video…from there I was on my way.

What are your top products for styling men’s hair?

My favorite product is my Mitch Stone Essentials Texturizing Spray– it’s an amazing product for texture and volume! (Its not sticky but adds great volume and texture (no I’m not biased either, ha)! Also Paul Mitchell’s “Mitch” Matterial paste is a great paste, if you need one! Am I starting to sound like a narcissist?! 

Aside from those two, I was a spokesperson for Gillette some years ago, they did surveys with men and, at the time, the number one product men use is hairspray…but they lie about it. That’s why I created Mitch Stone Essentials Session Spray – it’s honestly the best!

What’s the biggest mistake that men make with styling their hair?

They put gel or styling products in their hair to spike it and then they just let it dry without touching it or messing it up, making it easy to see their scalp through the spikes of hair. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine! I always want to walk up to them and say “don’t mind me, but I have to help you break this up…”

In your opinion, who are three male celebrities with the best hair?

David Beckham, George Clooney and Jenson Ackles (my good buddy).

What skin products do you use?

I tend to like women’s products for a number of reasons. One, because I have been in the beauty industry for a long time, before they actually had men’s products (at least quality ones) and two, I just don’t like the smell. Clarins is my favorite- their products are light and just smell clean. I also love everything from Dermalogica. Huge tip, guys: women love the way you smell when you wear the products that are designed for them.

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